Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playlist for Monday, February 18th 2013....what sort of burger place?

Still no live session this week, instead we have another fine selection of musical goodness, I'm having too much fun listening to new I'm sharing them with you.   

...and on with the show...    

Eat Skull - Your Hate    [III LP] 
Netil - Drag    [Demo soundcloud] 
Ex Cops - Broken Chinese Chairz     [True Hallucinations LP] 
Foals - Everytime    [Holy Fire LP] 
Dutch Uncles - Bellio    [Out Of Touch In The Wild LP] 
Misfit Mod - Valleys    [Islands & Islands LP] 
Acteurs - Cloud Generating    [Acteurs LP] 
Mazes - Dan Higgs Particle    [Ores & Minerals LP] 
Spectral Park - Ornaments    [Spectral Park LP] part 
Cold In Berlin - Take Control    [And Yet LP]
Mugstar - Axis Modulator    [Axis LP] 
Lightouts - Faces, Places    [Want LP] 
Mmdelai  - Moon  [single] freedownload 
Dump - Secret Blood    [Superpowerless LP] 
Veronica Falls - Timeless Melody (The La's Cover)    [Five Covers Vol. 2 EP] 
Golden Grrrls - Time Goes Slow    [Golden Grrrls LP] 
Ancien RĂ©gime - No Lights    [The Position LP] 
Gayze - Ceiling Eyes    [Black Soul EP] 
Pvt - Evolution    [Homosapien LP] 
Cobwebbs - Help Yourself    [All Around EP] 
Transistors - Downer    [Dirty Diver/Downer single] freedownload

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.


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