Monday, May 30, 2011

Playlist for Monday, May 30th 2011...the newest

Still working on getting the live gigs back for those that listen via the wireless, for those on the web you can catch the gigs here Hopefully not to much longer...

Let's Wrestle-If I Keep On Loving You [Nursing Home LP]
Radical Dads-Hurricane [Mega Rama LP]
Lead Stones-Pope Joan [Set + Setting LP] free download
NODZZZ-True To Life [Innings LP]
Flash To Bang Time-Lead Balloon [Lead Balloon 7"]
Austra-Hate Crime [Feel It Break LP]
Throwing Up-Toothache [When I Touch You 7"]
Woods-To Have In the Home [Sun and Shade LP]
Sweater Girls-Pretty When You Smile [Pretty When You Smile 7"]
Eureka California-Baby, I'm Your Garbage Man [Modern Times 7"]
Bloody Knives-I want to be the one to blame [Disappear LP] free download
Boris-Spoon [Attention Please LP]
Seapony-Go Away [Go With Me LP]
Pure X-Back Where I Began [You're In It Now LP]
Trudgers-Softly, Gracefully [Trudgers / Vehicle Blues Split cassette]
Cold Showers-I Don't Mind [Highlands 7"]
Thee Cuss Words-King 90's [Even The Devil Went Home And Barfed That Night. single] free download
Psychedelic horseshit-Another Side [Laced LP]
Moonbeams-The Daisy Chain [The Daisy Chain LP]
Art Imperial-The One You Chose [Surf Suburban EP] free download
Belong-A Walk [Common Era LP]
Oh Minnows-Another Volunteer [For Shadows LP]
Hammerhead-Memory Hole [Memory Hole EP]
Jesu-Black Lies [Ascension LP]
Capsula-What's in the Mirror [In the Land of Silver Souls LP]
Honeydrum-Itchy Throats [Vacation cassette] free download
Low-Witches [C'mon LP]

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Playlist for Monday, May 23rd 2011...and we're still here

So the world didn't end....plonkers!

Jookabox-Man tra [The Eyes of the Fly LP]
Motel Beds-Moondazed [Sunfried Dreams LP] free download
Black Mountain-In The Drones [Rollercoaster/In The Drones 7"]
The Computers-Where Do I Fit In? [This Is The Computers LP]
Religious Knives-Garbage Can [Smokescreen LP]
Rayographs-Space Of The Halls [Rayographs LP]
Fair Ohs-Everything Is Dancing [Everything Is Dancing LP]
Radical Dads-New Age Dinosaur [Mega Rama LP]
Sixth June-82 [Back For A Day 12" EP]
The Generationals-Yours Forever [Actor-Caster LP]
Wax Idols-All Too Human [ 7"]
Shepherds-Holy Stain [Holy Stain EP] free download
Circle Pit-Slave [Slave/Honey 7"]
Natural Child-Yoko [1971 LP]
Sarandon-Do The Dance [Sarandon's Age Of Reason LP]
Freshkills-The Bigger Man [New unreleased]
Cat's Eyes-Face In The Crowd [Cat's Eyes LP]
Implodes-Meadowsland [Black Earth LP]
Washed Out-Eyes Be Closed [Within and Without LP]
Ryan Garbes-Boys Are Back [Sweet Hassle LP]
The Men-( ) [Leave Home LP]
Saskia Sansom-Raise You [The Silver Ship LP]
Soft Metals-Psychic Driving [Soft Metals LP]

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Playlist for Monday, May 16th 2011...and we're back

Back to regular programming....ish. So after being a cheat and just jamming tracks together I have sorted my shit I sit in my small home office and talk to a box of 7" records which are holding my microphone up at the correct height so I can talk to you all...ah technology.

Austra-Beat And The Pulse [Feel It Break LP]
Bearsuit-When Will I Be Queen? [The Phantom Forest LP]
Belong-Perfect Life [Common Era LP]
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat-A Short Song To The Moon [Everything's Getting Older LP]
EMA-Milkman [Past Life Martyred Saints LP]
Golden Glow-The Cure [Tender Is The Night LP]
The Dwarves-I Masturbate Me [The Dwarves Are Born Again LP]
Dutch Uncles-Cadenza [Cadenza LP]
Gross Relations-Blame The Records [Blame The Records single] free download
Hills-The Vessel [Master Sleeps LP]
[aftersun]-Don't Touch [Pain Sounds EP] free download
Colourmusic-You For Leaving Me [My _____ Is Pink LP]
Joe Lally-Why Should I Get Used To It [Why Should I Get Used To It LP]
Blank Dogs-Waiting [Collected By Itself: 2006-2009 LP]
Zola Jesus-Night-Live in studio [myspace]
Chapter 24-LOVE [LOVE EP]
Love Inks-Leather Glove [E.S.P. LP]
Ducktails-Sprinter [III: Arcade Dynamics LP]
Esben and the Witch-Chorea [Violet Cries LP]
Soviet Soviet-COBRETTO [Frank (Just Frank)/Soviet Soviet EP]
JEFF The Brotherhood-I'm A Freak [Live at Third Man Records LP]
Planningtorock-Doorway [W LP]
Shepherds-Daytime Stories [Holy Stain EP] free download
Soft Kill-Sea of Doubt [An Open Door LP]
SPC ECO-Here I Am [Big Fat World EP]
Thee Oh Sees-Whipping Continues [Castlemania LP]
The Wooden Birds-Folly Cub [Two Matchsticks LP]

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Playlist for Monday, May 9 May 2011...announcer free radio

Back to regular programming soon. I'm looking into another project as an aside to this production. Fear not this show will not change and this show will remain my main the meantime wrap yourselves in this weeks two hour bliss-fest.

Jesu-Birth Day [Ascension LP]
Joe Lally-What Makes You [Why Should I Get Used To It LP]
Sarandon-Do The Dance [Sarandon's Age Of Reason LP]
Crystal Stilts-Half A Moon [In Love With Oblivion LP]
Unsane-Grind [Self Titled EP]
Trust-Not a Waste of Sky [Todo Muere Volume 1 LP]
Atari Teenage Riot-Blood In My Eyes [Blood In My Eyes single]
The Computers-Music Is Dead [single]
Young Legionnaire-Twin Victory [Crisis Works LP]
[Aftersun]-Walking Through This Door Again [Pain Sounds Ep] free download
An Horse-Airport Death [Walls LP]
Wet Paint-Uptight Casuals [Woe LP]
Weyes Blood-Storms That Breed [The Outside Room Lp]
White Mystery-Blood & Venom [Blood & Venom LP]
Memoryhouse-Sleep Patterns [Sub Pop Terminal Sales Vol. 4]
Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit-Everywhere With Helicopter [Sing For Your Meat (Tribute To Guided By Voices) LP]
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights-Diamond Mine [Left by Soft LP]
Austra-Beat And The Pulse [Feel it break LP]
Tropic Of Cancer-Dive (Wheel Of The Law) [The Sorrow Of Two Blooms LP]
The Vera Violets-It's All In Your Head [In Between Fires LP]
The Oscillation-See Through You [Veils LP]
The Cakekitchen-It Don't Work Out [Kangaroos In My Top Paddock LP]
//Tense//-Pull The Strings [Escape 12'' Ep]
Swearing At Motorists-Letter To A Fanzine [Postcards From A Drinking Town LP]
Sunshower Orphans-Lies in Sepia [Avenue Abyss LP] free download
Sixth June-Today [Back For A Day 12'' Ep]
Religious Knives-Garbage Can [Smokescreen LP]
Peoples Temple-Axe Man [Sons Of Stone LP]
Natural Child-Chris' Blues [1971 LP]
Motel Beds-Sunfried Dreams [Sunfried Dreams LP]
Mood Rings-Washer [Sweater Weather Forever LP]
Mazes-No Way [A Thousand Heys LP]

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Playlist for Monday, May 2nd 2011...announcer free radio

Sorry about the late post, I'm getting later and later in posting these...I've been busy. Back to regular programming soon.

All Tiny Creaturs-An Iris [Harbors LP]
Mood Rings-Washer [Sweater Weather Forever LP]
Ty Segall-Woodland Rock [Ty Rex EP]
TV Ghost-The Inheritors [Mass Dream LP]
Tropic of Cancer-A Color [The Sorrow Of Two Blooms LP]
The Cakekitchen-My Beautiful Fire Tamer [Kangaroos In My Top Paddock LP] Buy the LP, limited to 300
The Black Angels-Melanie's Melody [Phosgene Nightmare LP]
Terry Malts-Where Is The Weekend? [I'm Neurotic 7"]
Sweet Bulbs-Acid and TV [Sweet Bulbs LP]
Sunshower Orphans-Rockaway Vespers [Avenue Abyss LP] freedownload
Sonny and the Sunsets-Reflections On Youth [Hit After Hit LP]
SLEEP∞OVER-Casual Diamond [Casual Diamond 7"]
Shepherds-Tears of a Clown [Holy Stain EP] freedownload
Psychedelic Horseshit-Laced [Laced LP]
Prurient-Many Jewels Surround The Crown (The District) [Many Jewels Surround The Crown single]
Pinback-Sherman [Information Retrieved Pt. A 7]
Pheromoans-Shift Happens [It Still Rankles LP]
Peoples Temple-Pretender [Sons of Stone LP]
Natural Child-Hard Workin' Man [1971 LP]
Naked On The Vague-The Fridge [Twelve Dark Noons LP]
Jookabox-Worms [The Eyes of the Fly LP]
Johnny Foreigner-What Drummers Get [Certain Songs Are Cursed EP]
Implodes-Screech Owl [Black Earth LP]
Honeydrum-Itchy Throats [Vacation EP] freedownload
Hills-Rise Again [Master Sleeps LP]
Girls Names-Nothing More To Say [Dead To Me LP]
Gold Bears-Totally Called It [Are You Falling In Love? LP]
The Generationals-I Promise [Actor-Caster LP]
Epic45-Ghosts I Have Known [Weathering LP]
Beach Fossils-Golden Age (Live) [iTunes Live: SXSW]
The Starvation Box-HEAVEN FU(_X_) [myspace rip]
HUNX and his PUNX-Too Young to Be in Love [Too Young To Be In Love single]
Last Remaining Pinnacle-Students Of The V.U [split single]
Cloud Nothings-Forget You All The Time [Cloud Nothings LP]
Ducktails-Sprinter [III: Arcade Dynamics LP]

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