Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playlist for Monday, November 24th indie tunes galore!

Live session this week from John and Jehn at the London Calling Festival

...and on with the tunes

Bubblegum Lemonade-A Billion Heartbeats [Doubleplusgood LP]
Burningpilot-International Poster Campaign [Cold Caller LP]
Dead Pixels-Words Are Poison [Words Are Poison single]
Dirty Fingernails-That Kick [Greetings From Finsbury Park, N4 LP]
Lonelady-Early The Haste Comes [Early The Haste Comes/Joy single]
Disconcerts-Window Shopper [Myspace]
Official Secrets Act-So Tomorrow [So Tomorrow single]
Mika Miko-Sex Jazz [Sex Jazz single]
The Interiors-She's In Japan [Delays Are Dangerous LP]
The Pan I Am-Young God/Bad Thing [Web download]
True Widow-Duelist [True Widow LP]
Selfish Cunt-Chelsea [English Chamber Music LP]
Piano Magic-Vacancies [Dark Horses EP]
The Upsidedown-Halo [Human Destination LP]
The Drips-Downtown Brown [The Drips LP]
Threatmantics-High Waister [Upbeat Love LP]
The Starlets-White Noise [Out Into The Days From Here LP]
Woodpigeon-Piano Pieces For Adult Beginners [Treasury Library Canada LP]

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playlist for Monday, November 17th indie tunes galore!

Live session this week from These New Puritans

...and on with the tunes

Baddies-Battleships [Battleships single]
Bells For Rene-Silent Disco [Myspace]
This Town Needs Guns-Lemur [BSM Autumn Collection download]
Blank Dogs-Slow Room! [Myspace]
Clinic-Tomorrow [Tomorrow CDS]
Comet Gain-Beautiful Despair [Broken Record Prayers LP]
Computerclub-Fragile Minds [Before The Walls Came Down LP]
Dead Or American-A Border Crossing [A Border Crossing single]
Esser-Satisfied [Satisfied single]
Epic45-The Stars In Spring [May Your Heart Be The Map LP]
Celestial-Crystal Heights [Crystal Heights LP]
Foot Village-Clubtraxxx I-III [Clubtraxxx I-III single]
goFASTER-Heather's Loaded / McCartney's Blown It [Magazine Addictions LP]
Ill Ease-When Suddenly, The Evil Twin Arrives! [Turn it Loose! LP
Jay Jay Pistolet-Happy Birthday You [Happy Birthday You EP]
Joy Of Sex-There Are No Giants [Joy Of Sex EP]
Lonelady-Intuition [Army single]
Magnetic Morning-No Direction [A.M. LP]
Now, Now Every Children-Sleep Though Summer [Cars LP]
Peter Parker-Swallow the rockets [Demos]
Plug-Fresh Pleasures [Fresh Pleasures single]
Sad Day For Puppets-Marble Gods [Unknown Colors LP]
The Lovely Eggs-I Want To Fall Off My Bike Today [Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs? EP]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playlist for Monday, November 10th indie tunes galore!

yee ha...a big fat three hour feast of indieness, enjoy!

Pulled Apart By Horses-I Punched A Lion In The Throat [Artrocker Magazine]
Belle & Sebastian-Judy And The Dream Of Horses [The BBC Sessions]
George Pringle-LCD I love you but your're bringing me down [Single]
Hatcham Social-Snap My Hands [Myspace]
Burningpilot-Case History [Cold Caller LP]
Computerclub-Reykjavik [Before The Walls Came Down LP]
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs-My 45 [Dirt Don't Hurt LP]
Ice, Sea, Dead People-Hence:Elvis [Single]
An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump-100 Percent [Myspace]
Disco Doom-Watch Me Going Down [Dream Electric LP]
Crystal Stilts-Bright Night [Alight of Night LP]
Factory Floor-Taxidermist [Myspace]
Free Blood-Grumpy [Royal Family CDS]
Disconcerts-Yellow Light Grey Room [Myspace]
Koko Von Napoo-Polly [Polly single]
HTRK-Ha [Marry Me Tonight LP]
Florence And The Machine-Dog Days Are Over [single]
Miss The Occupier-All Night [Recovery Position LP]
Miyagi-Hydraulic Son [Hydraulic Son LP]
Piano Magic-Dark Horses [Dark Horses EP]
Jennifer O'connor-Here With Me [ Here With Me LP]
Postcode-Drop Dead [Myspace]
Stricken City-Tak o Tak [single]
The Lovely Eggs-Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion? [Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs ? EP]
The Legends-Over And Over [Seconds Away CDS]
The Lisps-Documents [Country Doctor Museum LP]
The Parallelograms-123, Go! [Myspace]
The Muslims-Parasites [Parasites/Walking With Jesus 7"]
The Rifles-The Great Escape [EP]
The Rayographs-Hidden Doors [Hidden Doors single]
The Ruling Class-Flowers [Tour De Force EP]
The Shame-Cosmic Love [Myspace]
The Word Play-Out Of Excuses [How I Became Illustrated EP]
This Is Pop-Tel Aviv [Tel Aviv single]
Adult.-Dance Avoid [Let's Feel Bad Together EP]
Man Flu-Egghead [Myspace]
Shock Cinema-Oddfellow [Hell And Highwater LP]
Voyager One-M [Perfect as Cats LP]
ExReverie-The Hanging Garden [Perfect as Cats LP]
Wolfkin-Charlotte Sometimes [Perfect as Cats LP]
Kaki King-Close to Me [Perfect as Cats LP]

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Playlist for Monday, November 3rd indie tunes galore!

..into an action packed night full of indie goodness..

Guided by Voices-Queen of Cans and Jars [Bee Thousand The Director's Cut LP]
Guided by Voices-Bite [Bee Thousand The Director's Cut LP]
Haunts-Underground [Haunts LP]
Cause Co-Motion!-I Lie Awake [It's Time LP]
Lonely Ghosts-The Unpopular Future [Don't Get Lost Or Hurt LP]
Longwave-Satellites [Secrets Are Sinister LP]
Love Is All-Rumours [A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night Lp]
The Muttering Retreats-Cupid Always Misses (The Ba Ba Song) [The Muttering Retreats Lp]
Oh No Oh My-The Boy With An Anchor [Dmitrij Dmitrij LP]
Project:Komakino-Penumbra 1 [Single]
Starflyer 59-Concentrate [Dial M LP]
That Fleeting World-The Alchemist [Myspace]
The Depreciation Guild-Sky Ghosts [In Her Gentle Jaws LP]
Holy Fuck-Balloons [Balloons/Super Inuit 12"]
Foals-Super Inuit [Balloons/Super Inuit 12"]
Selfish Cunt-England Made Me II [English Chamber Music LP]
Peter Parker-Swallow The Rockets [Myspace]
The Ettes-I Get Mine [Look at Life Again Soon LP]
The Lisps-Brackish Water [Country Doctor Museum LP]
The Lucksmiths-A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed) [First Frost LP]
This Tawdry Affair-Padlocks [Myspace]
Wye Oak-Orchard Fair [If Children LP]
The Raveonettes-Here Comes The End [Beauty Dies LP]
Shock Cinema-Wax Wings [Hell And Highwater LP]
Slow Down Tallahassee-Baby Don't Cry [Indietracks An Indiepop Compilation LP]
The Just Joans-Hey Boy... You're Oh So Sensitive! [Indietracks An Indiepop Compilation LP]
Shrag-Fourty-Five 45s [Indietracks An Indiepop Compilation LP]
Milky Wimpshake-I Wanna Be Seen In Public With You [Indietracks An Indiepop Compilation LP]
Honkeyfinger-Burning Skull [Myspace]
ET Explore Me-Shame Shame Shame [Myspace]
Plaaydoh-Purple Minijack [Plaaydoh EP]