Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playlist for Monday, July 26th 2010, Tough Love 5th Birthday!!

Double live session this week from Cloud Nothings and Memory Tapes recorded at Knitting Factory and Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York, NY USA. Courtesy of nyctaper.com

...and on with the show....the Tough Love Records 5th year birthday.

Tough Love Records formed in UK in 2005 by Stephen and Ryan. The duo release works by artists they love and want you to hear.

We celebrate with a selection of their favourite tunes from the pass five years. And if you like what you hear, why not drop in at the Tough Love shop and pick up some goodness.

The Sequins-the lost art of friendship [The Death Of Style LP]
Honeytrap-Ben [follies in great cities LP]
Korova-Just Like Peter Cook [Just Like Peter Cook / Microwave Romance 7"]
William-Five Minute Wonder [Five Minute Wonder / Aperture 7"]
Disco Drive-A Factory Of Minds [Very Ep]
Dead! Dead! Dead!-A List Of Things To Not Forget [A List Of Things To Not Forget 7"]
Popular Workshop-William It Was Really Something [William It Was Really Something 7"]
Situationists-This City Holds Us All [This City Holds Us All Ep]
The Sequins-Everyone Loves The Sequins [free download]
mirror! mirror!-wulfgang bang [Silicone Eyes”/”Wulfgang Bang7"]
mirror! mirror!-silicone eyes [Silicone Eyes”/”Wulfgang Bang 7"]
HEALTH-Triceratops [Triceratops RMX EP]
William-South Of The Border [Self in Fiction LP]
Favours For Sailors-Erode My Empire [Furious Sons LP]
Empty Set-My Girl’s On The Other Side Of The World [As Neat As A New Pin LP]
Fair Ohs-Hey Lizzy [Spectrals / Fair Ohs Split 7"]
Spectrals-Birthday Kiss [Spectrals / Fair Ohs Split 7"]
Girls Names-Bloodwell [You Should Know By Now LP]
Calories-Ffwd [Basic Nature LP]

This week podcast here.

The kind chaps at Tough Love have put together a "Best Of" on Soundcloud, have a listen.
Tough Love is 5 - Best of... by Tough Love

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Playlist for Monday, July 19th 2010, indie tunes galore!!

Live session this week from The Fresh and Onlys recorded at Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York, NY USA. Courtesy of nyctaper.com

...and on with the show.

800beloved-1992 [Everything Purple LP]
School Of Seven Bells-ILU [Disconnect From Desire LP]
Perfume Genius-Mr. Peterson [Learning LP] free single download
Nude beach-Hot girl [Beko CS01 comp] free download
Polka Party-Killer [Korean Cinema EP]
Best Coast-Goodbye [Crazy For You LP]
Puro Instinct-California Shakedown [Wish We Were Here EP]
Eternal summers-Pure affection [Beko CS01 comp] free download
The Riverdales-Girls Town [Tarantula LP]
Apteka-Traitors [Traitors 7"] free download
The Mantles-Lily Never Married [Pink Information LP]
Tamaryn-Mild Confusion [The Waves LP] free song download
The Megaphonic Thrift-Undertow [Decay Decoy LP]
Von Haze-Everyway [Von Haze LP]
Crash City Saints-Broke [Glow In The Dark Music LP]
Frank (Just Frank)-Die In Bed (live) [Youtube Rip]
Lower Dens-Blue & Silver [Twin-Hand Movement LP]

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playlist for Monday, July 12th 2010, normal programme resumes

Live session this week from Wild Nothing recorded at Monster Island Basement, New York, NY USA. Courtesy of nyctaper.com

...and on with the show.

Apteka-If You Were Here [Tour EP] free download
Diamond Rings-Wait & See [Wait & See single]
The Jameses-Rat People [Rat People & The Haunted Rider single]
Best Coast-Crazy For You [Crazy For You LP]
Allo Darlin'-Dreaming [Allo Darlin' LP
Chin Chin-My Guy [Sound of The Westway LP]
Liliput-in A Mess [Live Recordings, TV-Clips, and Roadmovie LP]
All Saints Day-You Can't Be Alone [All Saints Day EP]
Betty And The Werewolves-The Party [Tea Time Favourites LP]
Moonhearts-I Hate Myself [Moonhearts LP]
The Thermals-I Don't Believe You [Personal Life LP] free download
Automelodi-Buanderie Jazz [Automelodi LP]
Frank (Just Frank)-Coeur Hanté [The Brutal Wave LP]
Japandroids-Younger Us [Younger Us 7"]
Fungi Girls-Doldrums [Turquoise Hotel 7"
Magic Bullets-Pretend & Descend [Magic Bullets LP]
Secret Colours-Lava [Secret Colours LP]
Salmon Thrasher-Bad Blood [Thrashin’ In The USA EP]
O Children-Fault Line [O Children LP]
Tender Trap-Do You Want A Boyfriend? [Dansette Dansette LP]
Dead Meadow-Between Me and the Ground [Three Kings LP]
Porcelain Raft-Tip of Your Tongue [Gone Blind EP ]

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Playlist for Monday, July 5th 2010, super fat free extended version!

Two live sessions this week from Capsula and Sleigh Bells recorded at SXSW Festival 2010. Courtesy of npr.org. Download Capsula here and Sleigh Bells here.

...and on with the show.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti-Bright Lit Blue Skies [Before Today LP]
Procedure Club-Awfully Managed Pigeons [Doomed Forever LP]
Pulled Apart By Horses-Moonlit Talons [Pulled Apart By Horses LP]
Magic Bullets-They Wrote a Song About You [Magic Bullets LP]
Best Coast-Boyfriend [Crazy For You LP] free download
The Unkindness Of Ravens-White Road [single]
!!!-Hollow [Strange Weather, Isn't It? LP]
Cloud Nothings-Didn't You [Didn't You 7"]
Apteka-Aragon Sound [Traitors 7"]
Hanoi Janes-Summer Of Panic [Year Of Panic LP]
Panda Riot-Streetlights and You and Me [Far and Near EP]
Frankie Rose and the Outs-Little Brown Haired Girl [forthcoming LP]
Cutaways-Sunkissed [Previously Unreleased Demos] free download
The Drums-I'll Never Drop My Sword [The Drums LP]
Fever Fever-Monster [Monster single]
Miracles Club-A New Love [Light Of Love EP]
Fol Chen-In Ruins [Part 2: The New December LP]
Islet-Jasmine [Celebrate This Place EP]
Secret Colours-Jellybean [Secret Colours LP]
Chappo-Come Home [Plastique Universe EP]
Mystery Jets-Serotonin [Serotonin LP]
The Riverdales-The Girl In Lover's Lane [Tarantula LP]
She Keeps Bees-Make It Easy [SKB​-​005 7"]
Two Wounded Birds-My Lonesome [My Lonesome single] free download
Wild Nothing-Golden Haze [Evertide EP]
Sissy Mena-History [Young Girl LP]

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