Monday, July 18, 2011

Playlist for Monday, July 17th it's time to hide?

So this may be the last two hour show I get to do for a while due to this, that and the let's kick it into touch with a series of live gig's kindly supplied by

First up a standout gig from Woods recorded at the Northside Festival in St. Cecilia’s Roman Catholic Church, Brooklyn.
Link to the post on here

Followed up with Quilty, recorded at NYCTaper Northside Showcase at Public Assembly, Brooklyn.
Link to the post on here

And finishing off with Sleepies, recorded at Northside Festival in the Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn.
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There is no podcast this week, check out the links above

Monday, July 11, 2011

Playlist for Monday, July 11th 2011...c'mon, the last?

The show to end all shows that were recorded in my home office as a result of the various earthquakes that hit Christchurch this year.

Future shows will be broadcast live from the new mobile studio, and podcasts of course will turn up later..

Honeydrum-Weekend Break! [Pleasures Of The Sun cs]
Vetiver-Ride Ride Ride [The Errant Charm LP]
Widowspeak-Wicked Game [Gun Shy 7"]
Wooden Shjips-Black smoke rise [West LP]
Xiu Xiu-Daphny [Daphny 7"]
Vladimir-I Fight Fire [forthcoming EP]
Grooms-Into the Arms [Prom LP]
Vehicle Blues-Oscar Bought A Boat [Koz Park tape]
Grass Widow-Mannequin [Milo Minute 7"]
Bachelorette-Polarity Party [Bachelorette LP]
O. Children-Lily's Man [Acoustic EP]
Pure X-Dry Ice [Pleasure LP]
Still Corners-Endless Summer [Cuckoo 7"]
Big Troubles-Misery [Romantic Comedy LP]
Veronica Falls-Come On Over [Veronica Falls LP]
R.E.M.-Wait (Athens Demo) [Lifes Rich Pageant reissue LP]
Happy Thoughts-Never Gonna Do It [Happy Thoughts LP]
Pursesnatchers-Mechanical Rabbits [A Pattern Language LP]
Purling Hiss-The Hoodoo [Lounge Lizards EP]
Slim Twig-Priscilla [U.S Girls/Slim Twig Palmist Split LP]
U.S. Girls-Pamela + GG [U.S Girls/Slim Twig Palmist Split LP]
The Blind Shake-They're All Gone [Seriousness LP]
Idaho-Structure [You Were A Dick LP]
Jeff The Brotherhood-Cool Out [We Are The Champions LP]
Kids On A Crime Spree-Dead Ripe [We Love You So Bad LP]
Pink Reason-Sixteen Years [Shit in the Garden LP]
Soviet Soviet-Prince, Prostitutes [Summer, Jesus LP]
Male Bonding-Bones [Endless Now LP]
OFF!-Poison City [Live at Generation Records LP]
Ryan Garbes-Whatever You Want [Sweet Hassle LP]
Soft Metals-Do You Remember [S/T LP]

This weeks podcast here

Human Pleasure @ the RDUnit launch...26 tunes in 26 minutes

A very brief set at the launch of the RDUnit, our new home for broadcasting.

A number of guests and regulars were offered a 20 minute why not play with it a bit. I intended to blast though 20 tunes in 20 minutes....but being live the next act after me was I played 26 tunes in 26 podcast sorry.

The Lovely Eggs-Pets [Cob Dominos LP]
Milk Maid-Kill Me Again [Yucca LP]
Sic Alps-Ball Of Fame [Napa Asylum LP]
Pheromoans-I'll Laugh at Anything [It Still Rankles LP]
Coconuts-Intro [Coconuts LP]
Retribution Gospel Choir-'68 Comeback [2 LP]
The Descendents-M 16 [Milo Goes To College LP]
LAKE R▲DIO-Enjoy The Storm [Blair EP]
Eddy Current Suppression-Walked Into a Corner [Rush To Relax LP]
Insect Guide-Reason To Exist [Reason To Exist LP]
The Death Set-Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me In The Head (feat. Diplo) [Michel Poiccard LP]
Overnight Lows-Picked Apart (Left To Rot) [City Of Rotten Eyes LP]
Hole Class-I Don't Love You [Hole Class LP]
Night Control-The Word [Life Control LP]
The Super Vacations-Safe At Home [Thicker Milk 7"]
Mixtapes-Mixtapes-Sunrise [Maps LP]
Tyvek-Pricks In A Car [Nothing Fits LP]
Thee Oh Sees-Spider Cider [Castlemania LP]
Spooky Campers-Campground Shards [Shitty Campground EP]
Hanoi Janes-All The Time [Specks Ho! EP]
Throwing Up-When I Touch You [When I Touch You 7"]
Aidan John Moffat-End Of The Night [Ten Short Songs For Modern Lovers EP]
God Bullies-the godfather moves + to arkansas pt 1 [Mama Womb Womb EP]
The Kabeedies-Duck Egg Blue [Rumpus LP]
Grooms-Psychics [Prom LP]
The Vaccines-Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) [Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) single]

Monday, July 4, 2011

Playlist for Monday, July 4th 2011...too many words

The show before the Phoenix like rising of RDU...

Be Forest-Florence [Cold LP]
Ghost Animal-Single Man [Single Man/In Your Room 7"]
Kindest Lines-Destructive paths to live happily [Covered In Dust LP]
Milk Maid-Not Me [Yucca LP]
She's Hit-Shimmer Shimmer [Pleasure LP]
Ceremony-Dreams Stripped Away [Not Tonight LP]
Comet Gain-Working Circle Explosive! [Howl Of The Lonely Crowd LP]
Maria & the Mirrors-Blonde September [Travel Sex EP]
Moonbeams-Oh Anna [The Daisy Chain LP]
Warm Brains-Old Volcanoes [single]
Honeydrum-Skin City [Pleasures Of The Sun LP]
Lightouts-And It Come And Goes [And It Come And Goes single]
Buzzcocks-Harmony In My Head [A Different Compilation LP]
Cults-Walk At Night [Cults LP]
The Horrors-Dive In [Skying LP]
The Blind Shake-They're All Gone [Seriousness LP]
Grass Widow-Milo Minute [Milo Minute 7"]
Moonbell-Figurine [Figurine EP]
Blouse-Nights & Days [Shadow single]
Chelsea Wolfe-DEMONS [Ἀποκάλυψις LP]
Lowline-Suicide [Launch At Control LP]
Still Corners-Cuckoo [Cuckoo 7"]
Fonda-Better Days [Better Days EP]
Senium-In Depth [Such Progress LP]
Drowner-Written [Drowner EP]
The Lovely Eggs-Fuck It [Fuck It 7"]
Trembling Blue Stars-A Field At Dusk [Correspondence EP]
Young Circles-Devil [Jungle Habits LP]

This weeks podcast here