Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playlist for Monday, October 24th 2011..supersize

We didn't have a live session this week due to the public holiday here, so the show ate some pies and went XL..

..on with the show

Apteka-Where Days Go [Gargoyle Days LP]
Frightened Rabbit-Scottish Winds [A Frightened Rabbit EP] free download
Pairs-Cloud Nine [Summer Sweat LP free download
Pre-Yr Fun is Fun [Third Album LP]
A Grave With No Name-We Passed The Moon [Lower CS]
High Places-Dry Lake [Original Colors LP]
Mellow Grave-Burn One [Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept LP]
David Lynch-Pinky's Dream [Crazy Clown Time LP]
Frankie & The Heartstrings-Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light) [single]
Golden Grrrls-Red Sea [New Pop 7"]
Papa-Ain't It So [A Good Woman Is Hard To Find LP]
Colleen Green-Cujo [Cujo LP]
Weird Dreams-Holding Nails [Holding Nails 7"]
Fair Ohs-You've Got Teeth [Pacfic Rim Early Recordings EP]
Blouse-Time Travel [Blouse LP]
Dive-Sometime [Sometime 7"] free download
Heavenly Beat-Desire [Suday 7"]
Thee Spivs-TV Screen [Black And White Memories LP]
The Sunshine Factory-Dive Dive free download
Psychic Ills-Mind Daze [Hazed Dream LP]
Weekend-The One You Want [Red EP]
Veronica Falls-All Eyes On You [Veronica Falls LP]
Goitia Deitz-Line [Romance 7"]
Wavves-Bug [Life Sux EP]
Heavy Times-Let It Die [Jacker LP]
Radar Eyes-Miracle [single]
Wax Idols-Uneasy [No Future LP]
Rayographs-Space Of The Halls [Rayographs LP]

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playlist for Monday, October 17th 2011..raining retro

Live session this week from Weekend recorded at KEXP, USA.

...and on with the show.

Asobi Seksu-Never Understand [HMM HMM HIM 7"]
Batwings Catwings-Radio [Radio 7"] buy
Suzy & los Quattro-Kick Ass [Hank LP]
Tubelord-My First Castle [Romance LP]
Sleep ∞ Over-Romantic Streams [Forever LP]
Twerps-Dreamin [Twerps LP]
Your Ghost-Hate You Now [E.P. EP]
2.54-Scarlet [EP]
This Town Needs Guns-Adventure, Stamina & Anger[single]
Woods-Skull [Summer 2011 Tour Split 7"]
Kurt Vile-IN/OUT Blues [Summer 2011 Tour Split 7"]
Zola Jesus-Seekir [Conatus LP]
Trash Talk-Awake [Awake EP]
Still Corners-I Wrote in Blood [Creatures of an Hour LP]
Shimmering Stars-East Van Girls [Violent Hearts LP]
Veronica Falls-All Eyes On You [Veronica Falls LP]
Real Estate-Wonder Years [Days LP]

This weeks podcast here

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playlist for Monday, October 10th 2011..warmer

Live session this week from Yuck recorded at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop, Austin, Texas. USA

...and on with the show.

The Jesus & Mary Chain-Never Understand [John Peel Session 23/10/84] Psychocandy Deluxe Edition reissue LP]
Total Slacker-Life on Easy Street [Thrashin LP]
Way Through-Handsome Knave [Arrow Shower LP]
Former Bullies-Waiting for You [Golden Chains LP]
S.C.U.M.-Days Untrue [Again Into Eyes LP]
Batwings Catwings-Early Exit [Radio 7"]
Being There-The Radio [The Radio 7"]
Deep Cut-Something's Got To Give [Disorientation LP]
Tropic of Cancer-A Color [The Sorrow Of Two Blooms EP]
Twerps-This Guy [Twerps LP]
Kindest Lines-Running into next year [Covered In Dust LP]
Goitia Deitz-Coma [Romance 7"]
Esben and the Witch-Hexagons II (The Flight) [Hexagons EP]
Mandarin Dynasty-Toledo Blues [Perpendicular Crosstalk CS]
Plant Tribe-Airforce [Saturation 7"]
The Beets-Doing as I Do [Let the Poison Out LP]
Golden Grrrls-New Pops [New Pops 7"]
Teeth-U R 1 [Whatever LP]

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playlist for Monday, October 3rd 2011..

Live session this week from Sebadoh recorded at Doug Fir in Portland, USA.

...and on with the show.

The Present Moment-The Start Echo [Loyal To A Fault LP]
Xeno & Oaklander-Sets & Lights [Sets & Lights LP]
Total Slacker-Stuck in '93 [Thrashin LP]
The Sunday Reeds-Sitting With Camille Claudel [Acoustic Tracks] free download
Mickey-Rock And Roll Dreamer Rock and Roll Dreamer
Local Girls-Kitty (Is A Bad Kitty) [The Wedding Jitters EP]
Scraps-Charming Girl [Classic Shits LP]
The Sky Drops-Explain It to Me [Making Mountains LP]
Girls-Honey Bunny [Father, Son, Holy Ghost LP]
Mikal Cronin-Situation [Mikal Cronin LP]
She Keeps Bees-See Me [Dig On LP]
Screen Vinyl Image-Tomorrow Is Too Far [split 7" with Rube66]
Gross Magic-Sweetest Touch [Teen Jamz EP]
Total Babes-Le Guts [Swimming Through Sunlight LP]
The Tamborines-Black & Blue [Black & Blue 7"]
Whores-Fake Life [Ruiner LP]
White Suns-Locus [Waking in the Reservoir LP]

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