Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playlist for Monday,February 28th 2012...just days out

Short show this week due to technical issues, but not to worry the music still goes on

Acid Kicks-Masonic Tide [Life Dreams 7']
Killing Joke-The Wait (Live) [Down By The River LP]
Selebrities-Living Dead [Delusions LP]
Allo Darlin'-Northern Lights [Europe LP]
Memoryhouse-Little Expressionless Animals [The Slideshow Effect LP]
Disappears-All Gone White [Pre Language LP]
Cate Le Bon-Fold The Cloth [Cyrk LP]
Buildings-Born On A Bomb [Melt Cry Sleep LP]
Cheap Girls-Manhattan On Mute [Giant Orange LP]
Django Django-Firewater [Django Django LP]
Household-Go Away [Items LP]
The Sunday Reeds-Kill This Party [Kill This Party EP]
No Anchor-Rope [Rope 7"]

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playlist for Monday,February 20th 2012...clearly the best

Live session this week from Blouse recorded at 285 Kent, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Courtesy of nyctaper.com [free download]

...and on with the show.

Tunabunny-Only At Night [Minima Moralia LP]
Woollen Kits-Be Your Friend [Woollen Kits LP]
Constant Mongrel-Reflex [Everything Goes Wrong LP]
The Spyrals-Lonely Eyes [The Spyrals LP]
Prinzhorn Dance School-Crisis Team [Clay Class LP]
Mr. Dream-Palace Complex [Fatherland Ep]
Der Noir-Another Day [A Dead Summer LP]
Acid Kicks-Pyramidic Valley [Life Dreams 7"]
La Sera-Break My Heart [Sees The Light LP] free download
Field Music-Who'll Pay The Bills [Plumb LP]
Pop. 1280-Hang 'em High [The Horror LP]
Goat-Goatman [Goatman 7"]
Codeine-Barely Real [Barely Real EP

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playlist for Monday,February 13th 2012...

Live session this week from Los Campesinos! recorded at The Neptune Theatre, Seattle USA. Courtesy of KEXP

...and on with the show.

Swans-The Seer (Demo) [We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head CD]
Lotus Plaza-Eveningness [Spooky Action At A Distance LP]
Field Music-Is This The Picture [Plumb LP]
Beach Fossils-Shallow [single]
Howler-Beach Sluts [America Give Up LP]
Perfume Genius-Hood [Put Your Back N 2 It LP]
Radar Eyes-Accident [Radar Eyes LP]
Grimes-Oblivion [Visions LP]
Django Django-Default [Django Django LP]
Air Cav-Alliance [Don't Look Indoors LP]
Young Boys-Its Alright [Fell From Grace EP] free download
The Hairs-I've Been Working Out [I've Been Working Out 7"]
Veronica Falls-My Heart Beats [forth coming new LP]
Disappears-Hibernation Sickness [Pre Language LP]

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playlist for Monday,February 6th 2012....granted!

A long weekend for us, so I thought I would play you some tunes that made my weekend

...on with the show

Veronica Falls-The Box [Veronica Falls LP]
Pulled Apart By Horses-Shake Off The Curse [Tough Love LP]
The Band In Heaven-If You Only Knew [Sludgy Dreams 7"] free download
Radar Eyes-I Am [Radar Eyes LP]
All The Saints-Preachy [Intro To Fractions LP]
The Dalaï Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa-Sun [You Make Me Crazy 7"]
Cloud Nothings-Our Plans [Attack On Memory LP]
Dead Farmers-Never Enough [Out The Door 7"]
Dz Deathrays-No Sleep [No Sleep EP] free download
Yes Im Leaving-Untitled [Nothing LP[ free download
Feathers-Mary [Hunter's Moon LP]
Woollen Kits-Always [Woollen Kits LP]
Low-Fi-Daylight [What We Are Is Secret LP]
The Evens-Warble Factor [Two Songs 7"]
Pop. 1280-Burn The Worm [The Horror LP]
Fair Ohs-Salt Flats [Salt Flats postcard flexi!]
The Sunday Reeds-Fall From Grace [Kill This Party EP]
The Magnetic Fields-Andrew In Drag [Andrew In Drag single]
Trust-Bulbform [Trst LP]
Brief Candles-Permafrost [200,000 Gazes: Volume One LP] free download
Cough Cool-Biggest Loser [Lately LP]
Holy State-Dial 'm' For Monolith [Electric Picture Palace LP]
oOoOO -Nowayback [Our Loving Is Killing Us LP] free download

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