Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playlist for Monday, April 27th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour...we are all over the place!!

Live sessions from WOXY.com at SXSW

All The Saints-Live On WOXY.com SXSW 2009 Session

Closer Owner
Now Boy
Regal Regalia

French Miami-Live On WOXY.com SXSW 2009 Session

Science Fiction
Multi-Caliber Rifles
Lil’ Rabbits
Goddamn Best

...and on with the show..

Alec Empire-The Ride (Live)[Shivers LP]
Lesser Panda-Carousel [Ghostdance/Carousel Single]
Mon-O-Phone-Evil Woman [Mon-O-Phone LP]
Stellarium-Vertigo [myspace]
The Naked Hearts-Call Me [These Knees EP]
Joe Gideon & The Shark-Dol [Harum Scarum LP]
Fighting With Wire-Sugar [single]
Gun Outfit-Had Enough [Dim Light LP]
The Gares-Loaded Gun [myspace]
Manicure-Magic Is Shit [Manicure LP
Nothing People-When I Drink [Late Night LP
Right Turn Left-Lost At Sea [Take a Look Outside EP]
The Wooden Birds-Afternoon In Bed (The Bats) [Not Given Lightly LP
Tin Can Telephone-Recycling Is Cool [The Kruger Singles Club]
Art Brut-Summer Job [Art Brut Vs. Satan LP]
The Breeders-Fate To Fatal [Fate To Fatal EP]
The Heads-U33 [Irrepressible LP]
Future Of The Left-I Am Civil Service [Travels With Myself And Another LP]

Podcast here...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playlist for Monday, April 20th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A shortish show this week due to the equipment falling down around my ears!!

And coming very very soon to those that are asking for it...podcasts of the show, stand by...

The Sunday Reeds-2000 And Something [Drowning In History LP]
Brontosaurus Chorus-Now We're Making Out [You've Created A Monster LP]
Alec Empire-If You Live Or Die [Shivers LP]
Black Moth Super Rainbow-Born On A Day, A Day The Sun Didn't Rise [Eating Us LP]
Crocodiles-Refuse Angels [Summer Of Hate LP]
Cortney Tidwell-17 Horses [Boys LP]
Datarock-Give It Up [Give It Up CDM]
Frisco Farr-Magpie [Our Friends Ep]
Nephu Huzzband-No Not Ever [Not Not Ever single]
Burn The Negative-Low [In The Atmosphere LP]
Cutaways-Milo Of Kroton [Earth and Earthly Things LP]
Dog Day-Neighbour [Concentration LP]
Jonjo Feather-Hypnotize Me [Is Or Ok LP]
goFASTER>>-Good Times [A Modern Education EP]
Intelligence-Fuck Eat Skull [Fake Surfers LP]
Oh Minnows-Dear [Demo]
Pink Hearse-Bones [myspace]
Middle Class Rut-Dead Set [25 Years EP]
Outl4w-You Mess With My Head [myspace]
Ponytail-Beg Waves [Ice Cream Spiritual LP]
Screaming Females-Skull [Power Move LP]
Starfucker-Dance Face 2000 [Jupiter LP]
Trailer Trash Tracys-Strangling Good Guys [myspace]

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playlist for Monday, April 13th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour...we are all over the place and pigging out!!

Arthur Delaney-Darling [single]
Art Brut-What A Rush [Art Brut Vs. Satan LP]
Artefacts For Space Travel-Power Of The Brain [Artefacts For Space Travel LP]
Gloria Cycles-Vegas [single]
The Maccabees-No Kind Words [Wall of Arms LP]
Bernays Propaganda-Anonimen Neprijatel [Happiness Machines LP]
Beep Beep-Mortal Warrior [Enchanted Islands LP]
Freshkills-My House [Freshkills LP]
The Low Frequency In Stereo-Texas Fox [Futuro LP]
Cashier No 9-When Jackie Shone [single]
Cutaways-Weapon Of Choice [Start Stop! Start Stop! EP]
Hatcham Social-My Opinion [You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil LP]
The Joy Formidable-The Last Drop [A Balloon Called Moaning LP]
Calories-Adventuring [Adventuring LP]
Say Hi-One, Two ... One [Oohs & Aahs LP]
Twisted Wheel-We Are Us [Twisted Wheel LP]
Broken Spindles-Introvert [Kiss/Kick LP]
Cold Pumas-Foghat Rodeo [Demos]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Sheena Is A Punk Rocker [War Child Presents Heroes LP]
Brakes-Worry About It Later [Touchdown LP]
Capsula-Found And Lost [Rising Mountains LP
Kyte-The Smoke Save Lives [Science For The Living LP]
DZ-Yeah [demos]
Skeleteen-She Comes Out (Dead Romantic) [Bury The Seasons EP]
Flamboyant Bella-Touch [Single LP]
Dum Dum Girls-Yours Alone [Yours Alone EP]
Mika Miko-I Got A Lot [We Be Xuxa LP]
Eleanor Everything-You Bring Me Up [Demos]
Frisco Farr-Wilson [Our Friends EP]
Oh Minnows-Might [EP]

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Playlist for Monday, April 6th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour...we are all over the place!!

Live sessions from WOXY.com at SXSW

Bear Hands-Live On WOXY.com SXSW 2009 Session

What A Drag
Can’t Stick ‘Em
Sickly Brunette
Camel Convention

Future Of The Left-Live On WOXY.com SXSW 2009 Session

Arming Eritrea
Chin Music
Small Bones, Small Bodies
Fingers Become Thumbs
Land Of My Formers

...and on with the show..

The Kabeedies-Little Brains [Little Brains single]
Threatmantics-Little Bird [Upbeat Love LP]
Thunders-Magicsick [The Sympathetic Oscillations - Ep]
Bajinda Behind The Enemy Lines-MGirl [myspace]
Bombay Bicycle Club-Dust On The Ground [I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose LP]
Calories-A Bear A Bison[Adventuring LP]
Dananananaykroyd-1993 [Hey Everyone LP]
Crystal Stilts-Sugar Baby [Love Is a Wave single]
Death Of London-Life And Death Of Death Of London [myspace]
Detroit Social Club-Sunshine People [Sunshine People single]
Disconcerts-William S. Burroughs [Disconcerts LP]
Dot Dash-Black And White [myspace]
Kasms-KRIH [Spayed LP]
Micron 63-Repeat Sick Repeat [myspace]
Love-Fine-Luft [Beat Yourself LP]
Motorama-Echoes [HORSE EP]
Pink Mountaintops-Holiday [Outside Love LP]
Capsula-Sun Shaking [Rising Mountains LP]
The Horrors-Who Can Say [Primary Colours LP]
Not Cool-Limbs Are For Liars [myspace]
The Sleepover Disaster-Funnel Cloud [Hover LP]