Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playlist for Monday, October 27th indie tunes galore!

Live session this week from Bloc Party who played one-off gig inside Berlin's historic Tempelhof International Airport on October 23rd. This recording is available from Concert Online.

....and tunes that spun on the turntable this week

All The Saints-Sheffield [Fire On Corridor X LP]
An Emergency-Let's Get Forgotten [Wrecked Angles LP]
Ex Lion Tamers-Over Time [Myspace]
Deerhunter-VHS Dream [Weird Era Cont. LP]
Death Of London-Fore! [Heres To The Death Of London LP]
The Light Sleepers-Sandrine's Paris [We Are Gathering Dust LP]
Factory Floor-Bipolar [Bipolar single]
Micron 63-Comanchie Parasite [Myspace]
U L T E R I O R-15 [15 EP]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playlist for Monday, October 20th indie tunes galore!

Live session this week from Future Of The Left with their forthcoming live release "Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires" out in 2009....unless you pick one up while they are touring.

An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump-Lights Out [Myspace]
Crystal Stilts-Sinking [Alight Of Night LP]
Cranes-Wonderful Things [Cranes LP
Fembots-Hand Print In Wet Cement [Calling Out LP]
Death Of London-American Hit Parade [Heres To The Death Of London EP]
George Pringle-I Love You But You Are Bringing Me Down [Myspace]
Haunter-Turn In For Night [Haunter EP]
Lovvers-Teenage Shutdown ['Think' LP]
The Manhattan Love Suicides-10th Victim [Single]
New Education-Today [Today single]
Plastic Passion-It's Been Done [Contrived Imagery LP]
The French Quarter-Time To Leave [We're Not French EP]
The Sugarettes-Jolene [Love & Other Perversities LP]
This Dynamic-Stockholm [Myspace]

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playlist for Monday, October 13th indie tunes galore!

No live sessions this week.....into the tunes

Plastic Passion-It's Been Done [Contrived Imagery LP]
Future of the Left-Wrigley Scott [Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires LP]
Elle s'appelle-She Sells Sea Shells [Little Flame single]
Cut The Blue Wire-Rockets Ready To Fire [Revert, Restart, Reset LP]
Headtapes-Love Is Suicide [Love Is Suicide single]
4 or 5 Magicians-Change The Record [Change The Record 7"]
Deerhoof-The Tears And Music Of Love [Offend Maggie LP]
Little Death-Baby Can You Dig Your Man? [Little Death EP]
The Muttering Retreats-I Don't Believe In Love [The Muttering Retreats LP]
2 Hot 2 Sweat-Office Drone [Half-Assed Rom Com single]
Lowline-Sound Of Music [Sound Of Music single]
+/- (Plus/Minus)-The Hours You Keep [Xs on Your Eyes LP]
My Device-Eat Lead [Eat Lead single]
Boy Genius-Talk About Love [Anchorage LP]
Love Is All-Sea Sick [A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night LP]
Bromheads Jacket-JFK vs USA [On The Brain LP]
Psapp-Part Like Waves [The Camel's Back LP]
Selfish Cunt-Feel Like A Woman [English Chamber Music LP]
Rosalita-If You Can't Dance [single]
Sam Isaac-Fire Fire [Sticker, Star And Tape LP]
The Lucksmiths-Good Light [First Frost LP]
The Loves-The Ex Gurlfriend [The Loves EP]
The Platers-Stand And Fall [Myspace]
Stars And Sons-In The Ocean [In The Ocean single]
The High Plane Drifters-Cry Like A River [Hot Property E.P]
The Pristines-Suitable Lies [States Of Mine LP]
The Unremarkables-21st Century Ghost [21st Century Ghost single]

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playlist for Monday, October 6th indie tunes galore!

No live sessions this week.....into the tunes

Astrobrite-Honeywish [One Hit Wonder LP]
Buildings Breeding-Rushing Red [Colors Bent to Seasons LP]
Burningpilot-Accelerate [Accelerate single]
Haunts-London's Burning [London's Burning single]
Kid Canaveral-Smash Hits [Smash Hits single]
A Place To Bury Strangers-I Know I'll See You [I Know I'll See You single]
Dark Captain Light Captain-Parallel Bars [Miracle Kicker LP]
Fight Like Apes-Tie Me Up With Jackets [Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion LP]
Little Death-The Slow Yes [Little Death EP]
Lonely Ghosts-Happy Lovers, friends forever [Don't Get Lost Or Hurt LP]
Men, Women & Children-Back to Life [Ultra Hot Volcano single]
The Muttering Retreats-Primary Colors [The Muttering Retreats LP]
Norman Palm-Boys Don't Cry [Songs LP]
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man.-Where Dead Voices Gather [The Lay Of The Land; The Turn Of The Tide EP]
Pint Shot Riot-Start Digging [Start Digging single]
Pope Joan-Nothing is too much [Hot water, lines and Rickety machine LP]
Foals-Olympic Airways [Olympic Airways single]
Her Space Holiday-The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless [XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival LP]
Sky Larkin-Fossil, I [Fossil, I single]
Crystal Stilts-The Dazzled [Alight Of Night LP]
Land of Talk-Give me back my heart attack [Some are Lakes LP]
The Legends-Seconds away [Seconds away single]
Makeupbreakup-Blame Game [We Prefer Not To EP]
The Funeral Suits-Black Lemonade [Oh Dear EP]
Televised Crimewave-Convenient Fiction [Myspace]
The Pristines-Good Things Never Come Despite the Wait [Myspace]