Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playlist for Monday, June 27th 2011...How do you know?

Action packed and fresh as a daisy..

Selebrities-Living Dead [Delusions LP]
Spotlight Kid-Never's Too Soon [Departure LP]
Useless Eaters-New World Order [Daily Commute LP]
Ty Segall-My Head Explodes [Goodbye Bread LP]
Kids On A Crime Spree-Sweet Tooth [We Love You So Bad LP]
White Hills-Upon Arrival [H-p1 LP]
Widowspeak-Limbs [Widowspeak LP]
Soft Metals-Pain [S/T LP]
Young Circles-2012 [Jungle Habits LP]
Senium-Drone [Such Progress LP free download
Religious Knives-You Walk [Smokescreen LP]
No Anchor-Shut My Mouth [Real Pain Supernova LP free download
Let's Wrestle-Bad Mammaries [Nursing Home LP]
Zombie Girlfriend-Go Away [The Great Plain LP] free download
Washed Out-Soft [Within and Without LP[
Vetiver-Wonder Why [The Errant Charm LP]
Underground Railroad-Russian Doll [White Night Stand LP]
Sneakpeek-Walk All Over Me [single] free download
Human Eye-Junkyard Heart [They Came from the Sky LP]
Pek Pek-Oceans of Mud [You/Too Heavy LP] free download
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club-Richer Than My Tribe [Bag Of Meat LP]
Soviet Soviet-Human Nature [Summer, Jesus LP]
The Nighty Nite-Dimes in their Dimples [Dimples LP]
Brilliant Colors-Hey Dan [Again And Again LP]
The Oscillation-Fall [Veils LP]
Chapter Sweetheart-Nice Idea [Editions No.1 LP]
The Lollipops-Let's Go Baby [Hold! LP]
Reatards-Out of My Head, Into My Bed [Teenage Hate LP]
Scumbag Philosopher-God is Dead so I Listen to Radiohead [It means nothing so it means nothing LP]

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Playlist for Monday, June 20th 2011...the Amrep repeat

Had a busy weekend with things to do and stuff, so being one to recycle where possible I present a thumper of a show from early September last year...

Oh the early nineties...

25 years ago AmRep released it's first 7". And on 28th August 2010 a huge live birthday party was held in Minneapolis.
You can read a show review here

What follows is a very brief journey though the label releases.

If you want to further your education, please check out Shiny Grey Monotone's excellent comp here
And a excellant A to Z from I Heart Noise here

Halo Of Flies-M.D. 20-20 [Circling The Pile 7"]
Boss Hog-Trigger, Man [Drinkin' Lechin' & Lyin']
God Bullies-Follow The Leader [Mama Womb Womb LP]
Helios Creed-Bend Over [The Last Laugh LP]
Helmet-Born Annoying [Born Annoying 7"]
King Snake Roost-Gutterbreath [Things That Play Themselves LP]
Helios Creed-Hyperventilation [Boxing The Clown LP]
Gear Jammer-2 Tons Of Chrome [Single]
Surgery-Dear Sweet Laura [Amphetamine Reptile Peel Sessions LP]
Tar-Viaduct [Amphetamine Reptile Peel Sessions LP]
Tar-Short Trades [Jackson LP]
Cows-Walks Alone [Cunning Stunts LP]
Cows-Everybody [Cunning Stunts LP]
Helmet-Oven [Smells Like Smoked Sausage 2x7" comp]
Melvins-Night Goat [Single]
Vertigo-Dynamite Cigar [Smells Like Smoked Sausage 2x7" comp]
Chokebore-60,000 Lbs [Motionless LP]
Cosmic Psychos-Champagne Sunday [Palomino Pizza LP]
Guzzard-Pinch [Get A Witness LP]
Hammerhead-Tuffskins [Ethereal Killer LP]
Hammerhead-Swallow [Into The Vortex LP]
Janitor Joe-Limited Edition [Big Metal Birds LP]
S.W.A.T.-In The Ghetto [Deep Inside A Cop's Mind LP]
Today Is The Day-Willpower [Willpower LP]
Supernova-Math [Ages 3 And Up LP]
Unsane-Alleged [Scattered, Smothered, And Covered LP]
Servotron-People Mover [No Room For Humans LP]
H.O.F-Choking On Vomit [Gay Witch Abortion Sessions LP]

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Playlist for Monday, June 13th 2011...unmissable

This weeks show brought to you!

Love Culture-Drag [Drag LP] free download
Memory Tapes-Wait In The Dark [Player Piano LP]
Woods-To Have In The Home [Sun And Shade LP]
OFF!-Compared To What [Compared To What b/w Rotten Apple 7"]
Insect Guide-Reason To Exist [Reason To Exist single]
Washed Out-Echoes [Within and Without LP]
Bitches-Jesus Sweet [web]
The Happy Thoughts-One More Fish [The Happy Thoughts LP]
Archers Of Loaf-What Did You Expect? [Icky Mettle reissue LP]
Ty Segall-You Make The Sun Fry [Goodbye Bread LP]
Best Coast-Crazy for You [iTunes Session]
Beirut-East Harlem [East Harlem single]
Dananananaykroyd-E Numbers [There Is A Way LP]
Golden Staph-Riding [Golden Staph LP]
Witches-Forget [Forever LP]
Maria & the Mirrors-Travel Sex [Travel Sex 12"]
tashaki miyaki-somethin is better than nothin [tashak it to me single] free download
Spooky Campers-Floating [Shitty Campground EP] free download
Ryan Garbes-Why [Sweet Hassle LP]
Bodies Of Water-Open Rhythms [Twist Again LP]
Jackie O Motherfucker-Where We Go [Earth Sound System LP]
Pink Reason-Cranes Are Flying [Shit in the Garden LP]
Useless Eaters-Drug Store [Daily Commute LP]
Senium-Original Source [Such Progress LP] free download
The Coathangers-My Baby [Larceny & Old Lace LP]
Throwing Up-When I Touch You [When I Touch You 7"]
Gold-Bears-In This City, I'm Invincible [Are You Falling In Love? LP]
White Denim-Anvil Everything [D LP]
Seapony-I Never Would [Go With Me LP]
Sebadoh-Not Too Amused [Bakesale LP]

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Playlist for Monday, June 6th 2011...never behind the line

No Anchor-Wolves Bite And Disappear [Real Pain Supernova LP] free download
Dead Leaf Echo-Half-Truth (John Fryer remix) [Verisimilitude EP]
An Horse-Dressed Sharply [Walls LP]
Vehicle Blues-Your Pile [Trudgers / Vehicle Blues Split cassette]
Art Imperial-When I'm With You (I Feel Dumb) [Surf Suburban EP] free download
The Globes-Stay Awake [Future Self LP]
Junior Low-Bloodlust [Almost Forever cassette]
Death In Plains-porn...On Tv [unreleased track from forthcoming LP]
Sonic Boom-Fallout [Moon Duo Mazes Remixed LP]
Sightings-The Knotted House [Future Accidents LP]
Brave Irene-Longest Day [Brave Irene LP]
Mazes-Wait Anyway [A Thousand Heys LP]
Thee Oh Sees-Blood on the Deck [Castlemania LP]
Human Eye-The Movie Was Real [They Came from the Sky LP]
True Widow-Skull Eyes [As High As the Highest Heavens and from the Center to the Circumference of the Earth LP]
Arctic Monkeys-Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair [Suck It And See LP]
Peoples Temple-Sons of Stone [Sons of Stone LP]
Meth Teeth-Control [Meth Teeth/Christmas Island double 7"]
King Post Kitsch-Don't You Touch My Fucking Honeytone [The Party's Over LP]
The Vera Violets-Chemical Figure [In Between Fires LP]
Honeycomb Bones-Keep Your Fever [Evil Age EP]
The Men-Night Landing [Leave Home LP]
The Skull Defekts-Gospel of the skull [Peer Amid LP]
Pete and the Pirates-Things That Go Bump [One Thousand Pictures LP]
Christmas Island-Drawing Skulls [Meth Teeth/Christmas Island double 7"]
Kids On A Crime Spree-I Don't Want to Call You Baby, Baby [We Love You So Bad LP]

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