Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Playlist for Monday, June 26th 2012...off we go then

Live session this week from Woollen Kits recorded at Josephine Art Space, Seattle, WA USA

...and on with the show...

Chain And The Gang - Hunting For Love    [In Cool Blood LP] 
Crocodiles - Welcome Trouble    [Endless Flowers LP] 
Starlight Girls - The Hunch    [Starlight Girls Ep] free download 
The Chrome Cranks - Living / Dead    [Ain't No Lies In Blood LP]
Nice Face - Equipped    [Horizon Fires LP] 
Funeral Home - St. Jude    [Funeral Home Ep] free download 
Hatcham Social - Shut Your Mouth    [About Girls LP]
Knee Chin - Melting Upwards    [Melting Upwards 7"]
The See See - Fix Me Up    [Fountanye Mountain LP]
Piano Magic - Life Is A Slow Death    [Chemical Ep]
Natural Child - DTV   [For The Love Of The Game] 
The Maxines - Drugstore    [Drugstore EP] 
The Lovely Eggs - Food  [Food 7"]  
Nine Black Alps - Don't Forget To Breathe    [Sirens LP] 
The Wind-Up Birds - Being Dramatic    [The Land LP]

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Playlist for Monday, June 18th 2012...better late then never.

I was overseas for the past week so the post is a little delayed..

Live session this week from Japandroids recorded at The Pinkpop Festival, Schaesberg, Landgraaf, Netherlands.
...and on with the show...

The Chrome Cranks - Broken-Hearted King    [Ain't No Lies In Blood LP] 
Liars - No.1 Against The Rush    [WIXIW LP]
Horse Feathers - Better Company    [Cynic's New Year LP]
Yourself In Peace - Last Evenings On Earth    [Yourself In Peace EP]
White Birds - No Sun    [When Women Played Drums LP]
Looks Like Miaou - Minuit 25    [Looks Like Miaou LP]
Fear Of Men - Green Sea    [Green Sea single]
White Guilt - Forgiveness    [White Guilt 7"]
Eternal Summers - You Kill    [Correct Behavior LP]
Terror Bird - Thrill Killer    [Secret Rituals LP]
Exlovers - Emily    [Moth LP]
My Boy/My Girl - Run Away    [Revolution Industry EP] free download

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Playlist for Monday, June 4th 2012...epic.

No live set this evening due to excessive top tunes you need to hear..

...and on with the show...

Nope - Pentrich Rising    [Revision LP]
Siamese Twins - In A Box    [single] 
Strange Hands - Smell    [Dead Flowers LP] 
The See See - Gold And Honey    [Fountanye Mountain LP] 
Horse Feathers - A Heart Arcane    [Cynic's New Year LP] 
Allo Darlin' - Wonderland    [Europe LP] 
Balaclavas - Moon Roof    [Second Sight EP] 
Haight Ashbury - Freelove    [Haight Ashbury 2: The Ashburys LP] 
Honeydrum - Voiceman    ]Stranger Calls 7" / Do U Party? EP]
Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman - Southpaw    [Already Dead 7"]
British Sea Power - Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow    [EP5 EP] 
The Men From...Beyond!! - The Law Is A Heartbreaker    [Is This The End Of...? EP] freedownload 
Lower Dens - Brains    [Nootropics LP] 
Cat Venom - Sleepwalk To The Slaughter    [cassette EP] 
Beach House - The Hours    [Bloom LP] 
Evans The Death - Wet Blanket    [Evans The Death LP] 
Craft Spells - Burst    [Gallery EP] 
Tim Chaplin - The Answer In Your Eyes    [Daisy Chain Fridays EP] $1 download 
Strawberry Whiplash - Picture Perfect    [Hits In The Car LP]
Teenanger - Lawyer Up    [Frights LP] 
Nice Face - Cold Shoulder    [Horizon Fires LP] 
Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes    [Tragedy LP] 
The Just Joans - Ah Hear You're The Man Now, John    [Buckfast Bottles In The Rain LP] 
The Wind-Up Birds - Cross Country    [The Land LP]
White Suns - Footprints Filled    [Sinews LP] 
Hellshovel - Lion In A Zoo    [Hated By The Sun LP]
Taffy - Flower Chain    [Caramel Sunset LP]

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