Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playlist for Monday, February 21st 2011...the day before the darkest day.

Great tragedy hit Christchurch, New Zealand on Tuesday February 22nd with another massive earthquake.

It was the most terrifying event of my life. Being under my desk at work during the massive shake I truly though I was going to die.
Communications were hit and miss to say the least, I was getting delayed and upsetting texts from my wife trapped on the 9th floor of her workplace, she too thought she was going to die.
In the end we were both safe and unharmed but many lives have been lost in this which has been called the worst natural disaster the country has seen.

I did the show the night before the earthquake, so I will dedicate the show to those that lost their lives.

Live session this week from Screen Vinyl Image recorded at the Submarine. [free download]

...and on with the show

Ringo DeathStarr-Two Girls [Colour Trip LP]
The Babies-All Things Come to Pass [The Babies LP]
Guided By Voices-Game Of Pricks [Live in Daytron LP]
La Sera-I Promise You [La Sera LP]
Owen-Girlfriend in a Coma [O, Evelyn... 7"]
Creepoid-Hollow Doubt [Horse Heaven LP]
Fergus & Geronimo-Wanna Know What I Would Do? [Unlearn LP]
Soviet Soviet-WHITE DETAILS [Frank (Just Frank) / Soviet Soviet 12"EP
First Love, Last Rites-Slow Wind [S/T LP]
∆AIMON-Maasym [Amen EP]
Lifeguards-Sexless Auto [Waving At The Astronauts LP]
Blouse-Into Black [single]
Moon Duo-Mazes [Mazes LP]
Grandfather-Tremors [Why I'd Try LP] free download
Skinjobs-Money in the Bank Vs. Money in the Pocket [single]
Mushy-Child Of Light Will Burn [Faded Heart LP]
Secret Shine-Trying To Catch The End [The Beginning And The End LP]
Last Remaining Pinnacle-Students Of The V.U [split single] Label spotlight and interview
The Twilight Singers-On The Corner [Dynamite Steps LP]

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The St Valentine's Day excuse of not doing the show...

Ah yes well...we have this thing you see, my wife and I.

She lets me do anything I want and I do whatever she it was off for a romantic dinner, just the two of us and a restaurant full of people. Very nice....

In order to keep the show alive I have grabbed a few free downloads from Bandcamp for your enjoyment...hope you find something you like.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playlist for Monday, February 7th 2011...Start Stop Start Stop!

Live session this week from Suuns recorded at the Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of [free download] A great show!!

...and on with the show

Ringo Deathstarr-So High [single]
Dum Dum Girls-He Gets Me High [He Gets Me High EP] free track download
Nodzzz-Time (What's It Going to Do?) [Innings LP] free track download
Brown Recluse-Impressions of a City Morning [Evening Tapestry LP] free download of Panoptic Mirror Maze LP
Grandfather-AWOL [Why I'd Try LP] free album download
Vivian Girls-I Heard You Say [Share the Joy LP] free single download
Craft Spells-Love Well Spent (Feat. Emily Reo) [After The Moment/Love Well Spent 7"]
Honeydrum-Romper Stomp [Honeydrum EP] free download
Death-The Masks [Spiritual Mental Physical LP]
Young Circles-Lightning [Bones EP]
East River Pipe-Cold Ground [We Live in Rented Rooms LP]
Bad Mouth-Jawbreaker [This Is Invasion LP] free download
Creepoid-Hollow Doubt [Horse Heaven LP]
Lifeguards-Nobody's Milk [Waving At The Astronauts LP]
Cold Cave-The Great Pan Is Dead [single] free download
Daughters Of The Sun-Moontan [Ghost With Chains LP]
Peaking Lights-Amazing And Wonderful [936 LP]
nothing-Last Day In Bouville [пошлость (poshlost) EP] free download
Disappears-Superstition [Guider LP]

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Playlist for Monday, January 31st 2011...where has the year gone?

Live session this week from The Funeral Party recorded somewhere in France...for a french radio station..

...and on with the show

Led Er Est-A Darkness in My Soul [Led Er Est / Ancien Régime split EP]
The Beets-Knock On Wood [Stay Home LP]
The Decemberists-Calamity Song [The King Is Dead LP]
The Republic Of Wolves-Home [The Cartographer EP]
Mind Spiders-Don't Let Her Go [The Mind Spiders LP]
White Fence-Art Investor Collector [Is Growing Faith LP]
The Go! Team-The Running Range [Rolling Blackouts LP]
Fair Ohs-Jeanneret [Women/Cold Pumas/Fair Ohs/Friendo split 7"]
Cold Pumas-The French Note [Women/Cold Pumas/Fair Ohs/Friendo split 7"]
Young Circles-Sharp Teeth [Bones EP] buy download for US.50C
Frank (Just Frank)-Valerie [Frank (Just Frank) / Soviet Soviet Split LP]
Wire-German Shepherds [Strays EP]
Woodsman-Serfer [Rare Forms LP]
Nobunny-Live It Up [First Blood LP]
School Knights-Cliques [Rush SK EP]
Whirl-Blue [Distresser cassette] Buy download for US.10c
Mushy-Losing Days [Faded Heart LP]
The Vacant Lots-Cadillac [Confusion/Cadillac 7"]
Guided By Voices-Tractor Rape Chain [Live in Daytron LP]
Lower Heaven-Firearms [Today Is All We Have LP]
Cloud Nothings-Heartbeat [Cloud Nothings LP]

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