Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playlist for Monday, August 14th 2012...if you know what I mean

Live session this week from Liars recorded at KEXP studios. Via KEXP

...and on with the show...

Moon Duo - Sleepwalker    [Circles LP] 
Dignan Porch - Never    [Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen LP]   
Micachu and The Shapes - Heaven    [Never LP]
Family Band - Night Song    [Grace And Lies LP
Flowers - Cut and Run    [Cut and Run EP] 
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Knots Unwind    [Eating For Two LP] 
Bitch Prefect - For A While    [Big Time LP] 
Bitch Prefect - Bad Decisions    [Big Time LP] 
Boomgates - Flood Plains    [Double Natural LP]
Boomgates  - Hanging Rock   [Double Natural LP] 
Gangi - Railways Nos. 1-27    [Gesture Is LP] 
Ice Choir - Bounding    [Afar LP]
Heavenly Beat - Hurting    [Talent LP]
Liminanas - Longanisse    [Crystal Anis LP]
Local Girls - Racist Tune    [Deluxe Kicks LP] 
Pale Sunday  - Happy (When You Lived Here)   [The Fake Stories About You And Me LP] 
Rippers - Black Rats    [Fire Tractaä LP]

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.  

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Paul Goodsort said...

More by Micachu and The Shapes!

Pretty please.