Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Playlist for Monday, August 27th 2012....big noise

Live session this week from Oberhofer, recorded at the Paradiso in Amsterdam

...and on with the show...

Estrogen Highs - Grass Of Leaves    [Irrelevant Future LP] 
Knee Chin - Branded By Satan    [Melting Upwards 7"] 
Psychic Blood - Here Is No Truth    [Autumn Curses CS]
Stagnant Pools - Dreaming Of You    [Temporary Room LP
Teen Suicide - Goblins Cry Too    [Goblin Problems EP] freedownload 
Thee Cormans - Biker Bitch    [Biker Bitch 7"] 
Ipswich - Satan Plays A Sunburst Strat    [Baby Factory LP] buy 
Ruined Fortune - Bulls Eye  [single]    
Strange Hands - I'll Give You My Drawings    [Dead Flowers LP] 
Useless Eaters - Year 11    [C'est Bon! LP] 
Goat - Golden Dawn    [World Music LP] 
Missing Monuments - Another Girl    [(I'm Gonna) Love You Back To Life 7"]
People's Temple - Looters Game    [Looters Game 7"]
Puffy Areolas - Take My Place    [1982: Dishonorable Discharge LP]

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.    

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