Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Playlist for Monday, November 4th 2013...C120 mixtape, the sixth edition

mix·tape VI

noun \ˈmiks-ˌtāp\ 

Definition of MIXTAPE
: a compilation of songs recorded (as onto a cassette tape or a CD) from various sources  I was unable to do the show live on Monday so I have bashed out a classic C120 mixtape for your listening pleasure 
...and on with the show

Primitive Motion - Skyline  [Worlds Floating By LP]
Bitch Prefect - Shipped It  [Bird Nerds LP]
Bushwalking - Land Lols  [No Enter LP]
Courtney Barnett - Canned Tomatoes (Whole)  [The Double Ep: A Sea Of Split Peas LP]
Ausmuteants - Kick In The Head  [ST album]   
Dream Boys - Always Tomorrow  [Dream Boys LP]
Wymond Miles - White Nights  [Cut Yourself Free LP]
The Ballet - Meaningless  [I Blame Society LP]
Pick A Piper - All Her Colours  [Album Pick A Piper LP]
Black Hearted Brother - UFO  [Stars Are Our Home LP]
Heartthrob - Just A Second  [Love Efficient LP]
Motorama - Eyes  [Eyes 7'']
Best Coast - Who Have I Become  [Fade Away LP]
Crosss - Mountain King  [Obsidian Spectre LP]
Mexican Knives - Make This Moment  [Other Tramps single]
Frankie Rose - Minor Times  [Herein Wild LP]
Future Of The Left - Singing Of The Bonesaws  [How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident LP]
Hank III - Fight My Way  [A Fiendish Threat LP]
The Men - Water Babies (Acoustic)  [Campfire Songs LP]
Fonda - Last Goodbyes  [Sell Your Memories LP]
The Low Frequency In Stereo - Elevated Desecrated  [Pop Obskura LP]
Trips And Falls - Snosberry Beret  [The Inevitable Consequences Of Your Stupid Behavior LP]
Trust Fund - Animal Kingdom  [Don't Let Them Begin LP]
Un Blonde - Ok But Alright  [What Surrounding LP]
Karl Marks - Where A River Starts And Ends  [Life Is Murder LP]
Hatcham Social - Power To Live  [single]
Cold Cave - Don't Blow Up The Moon  [Nausea, The Earth And Me single]
The Wharves - Woodchip  [The Wharves / The Rosy Crucifixion Split LP]
Widowspeak - Brass Bed  [The Swamps EP]
Whores - I Am Not A Goal-Oriented Person  [Clean LP]
Gooch Palms - Novo's  [Novo's LP]
Nobunny - Red Light Love  [Secret Songs LP]
Shivering Window - Skinemax  [Dare To Be Nothing CS]

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.

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