Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Playlist for Monday, June 3rd 2013....room 2

Starting off this week with 4 tunes that I didn't have time to play in the Aussie Rulz show last week and then some other world tunes.. 

...on with the show

UV Race - Men Are From Mars, Morcus Is From Venus "Glam"    [Queens Of Punk 7"] listenbuy
The Clits - Twenty Two Past Five   [forthcoming single]
Wheat Fields - Let's Play   [Saturnalia LP] freedownload
Circular Keys - Eurogrand    [Eurogrand single] 
Go Violets - Josie    [single] listen 
Courtney Barnett - History Eraser   [single] listenbuy
Mudhoney - Swimming In Beer    [New World Charm 7"] 
Sisters - Clearhead    [Clearhead single]
Me After You - Il Primo Dio    [Foughts LP] 
John Grant - Blackbelt    [Pale Green Ghost LP]
Jesse Ruins - Sharon Is Frozen    [A Film LP] 
Odonis Odonis - Better    [Better LP] 
No Joy - Lizard Kids    [Wait To Pleasure LP] 
Just Handshakes - Cut And Run    [Say It LP] 
Starlight Girls - 7x3      [single]
Bass Drum Of Death - Bad Reputation    [Bass Drum Of Death LP] 
Hippy - Soho Bums    [Almost Live LP] freedownload 
Reykjavictim - Dao Shi Hou    [Xiao Di Fang LP] listenbuy
Pharmakon - Pitted    [Abandon LP] 
Sightings - Mute's Retreat    [Terribly Well LP] 
Bloody Knives - Not Alone    [Death 7"] 
Dead Leaf Echo - Memorytraces    [Thought & Language LP] 
X-Ray Charles - Supersoaker    [Selph Titled LP] freedownload 
Occults - Soiled Bibles    [S/T EP] listenbuy
Moon Jelly - 10 Trains    [Moon Jelly CS] listenbuy
Priests - Personal Planes    [Single] listenbuy 
Halo Halo - Sunshine Kim    [Halo Halo LP]  
Man Or Astro-Man? - Defcon 1    [Defcon 5…4…3…2…1 LP] 
Girl Band  - You're A Dog   [France 98 EP] listenbuy

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.  

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Lara Happy said...

That Circular Keys track is absolutely wicked!