Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Playlist for Monday, March 11th 2013....Amanda, thank you

No live session this week, instead we have another fine selection of musical goodness. There is a massive selection to quality tunes around at the moment...so I'm sharing them with you. 

...and on with the show...    

Cool Serbia - French Exit    [Cool Serbia Ep] listen/buy
Filthy Huns - Out Of The Grave    [Filthy Huns CS]
Johnny Marr - Sun And Moon    [The Messenger LP]
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Wide Lovely Eyes    [Push The Sky Away LP]
Destruction Unit - Blame    [Void LP]
Fawn Spots - Watered Down    [Wedding Dress Split LP] listen/buy
Lust For Youth - Cover Their Faces    [Growing Seeds LP]
Milky Wimpshake - Chemical Spray    [Heart And Soul In The Milky Way LP]
Screen Vinyl Image - 16mm Shrine    [51:21 CS] listen/buy
Stuart Warwick - Dame Binned Cow    [The Butcher's Voice LP] listen/buy
Petey - Watauga Crimestoppers    [Watauga single] listen/buy
The Growlers - Salt On A Slug    [Hung At Heart LP]
Suuns - 2020    [Images Du Futur LP]
Clinic - King Kong II    [Free Reign II LP] listen
Cobwebbs - Ice Melter    [All Around EP] listen/buy
Guided By Voices - Trash Can Full Of Nails    [Trash Can Full Of Nails 7"]
The Machine - Not Only    [The Machine & Sungrazer split LP]
The Ropes - Black All Day, Bright All Night    [Post-Entertainment LP]
Hookworms - Preservation    [Pearl Mystic LP] listen/buy
Black Bug - Tv Screen    [Reflecting The Light LP] 

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.

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