Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Playlist for Monday, November 12th 2012.....spend more time with your pets

Live session this week from Gross Magic recorded at The Paradiso, Amsterdam for London Calling  2012.

...and on with the show...   

Apostille - Wrong    [Single]
Furrow - Gravitate Towards You    [Country Slide CS] listen/buy
Guided By Voices - The Challenge Is Much More    [The Bears For Lunch LP]
Pairs - Mean Buzz    [If This Cockroach Doesn't Die, I Will. LP] listen/buy 
The Babies - Slow Walking    [Our House On The Hill LP] 
Cult Of Youth - Garden Of Delights    [Love Will Prevail LP]
Kyte - Love To Be Lost    [Love To Be Lost LP] 
Woollen Kits - Susannah    [Four Girls LP]
Eternal Tapestry - The Currents Of Space    [A World Out Of Time LP] 
Peoples Temple - Blinding City    [More For The Masses LP] 
Games - Listen    [S/T LP]
Jupiter Lion - Krokodil    [Jupiter Lion LP] 
Bos Angeles - Days Of Youth    [Taking Out The Trash LP] listen/buy 
Nothing - The Dives (Lazarus In Ashes)    [Downward Years To Come EP] listen/buy

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.   

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