Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playlist for Monday, October 29th 2012...keep looking for Mr Right

Live session this week from DIIV recorded at Union Square Ballroom for CMJ 2012. Via KEXP

...and on with the show...  

HTRK  - Synthetik   [Part Time Punks Sessions EP]
Nu Sensae - Spit Gifting    [Sundowning LP] 
Peace - Your Hand In Mine    [The World Is Too Much With Us LP] 
The Soft Moon - Insides    [Zeros LP] stream
Dead Skeletons - Dead Is God    [Ord EP]
Total Control - Scene From A Marriage    [Sub Pop single] 
Crooked Bangs - Blood Castle    [Crooked Bangs LP] 
Bo Ningen - 32 Kaiten    [Line The Wall LP] 
Blacklisters - I Can Confirm That Ruth Abigail Holmes Is Not Dead And Is Planning To Make A Movie About Her Life    [Blklstrs LP] 
Pairs - Lv Farmer Gangster    [Grandparent EP] freedownload
Shiny Darkly - You Feel Like You Should    [Shiny Darkly Ep] 
The Barbaras - Devour The Jungle Deer    [The Barbaras 2006 - 2008 LP] 
The Legs - Driving Me Insane    [The New Memphis Legs LP] 
Silver Swans - Secrets    [Forever LP] 
Your Youth - Fresh Film    [Battery LP] 
Gum - I Don't Mind    [Seventeen tape]

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