Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Playlist for Monday, June 26th 2012...off we go then

Live session this week from Woollen Kits recorded at Josephine Art Space, Seattle, WA USA

...and on with the show...

Chain And The Gang - Hunting For Love    [In Cool Blood LP] 
Crocodiles - Welcome Trouble    [Endless Flowers LP] 
Starlight Girls - The Hunch    [Starlight Girls Ep] free download 
The Chrome Cranks - Living / Dead    [Ain't No Lies In Blood LP]
Nice Face - Equipped    [Horizon Fires LP] 
Funeral Home - St. Jude    [Funeral Home Ep] free download 
Hatcham Social - Shut Your Mouth    [About Girls LP]
Knee Chin - Melting Upwards    [Melting Upwards 7"]
The See See - Fix Me Up    [Fountanye Mountain LP]
Piano Magic - Life Is A Slow Death    [Chemical Ep]
Natural Child - DTV   [For The Love Of The Game] 
The Maxines - Drugstore    [Drugstore EP] 
The Lovely Eggs - Food  [Food 7"]  
Nine Black Alps - Don't Forget To Breathe    [Sirens LP] 
The Wind-Up Birds - Being Dramatic    [The Land LP]

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.  

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