Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playlist for Monday,January 23rd 2012..Hell no, we won't go

Live session this week from Our Mountain recorded at Grasslands, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Courtesy of nyctaper.com [free download]

...and on with the show.

Radar Eyes-I am [Radar Eyes LP]
The Band in Heaven-Sleazy Dreams [Sleazy Dreams 7" EP]
Stagnant Pools-Consistency [Consistency] free download
The Sunday Reeds-Kill This Party [Kill This Party EP]
Aural Burrows-By Your Side [Gravitron EP] free download
Tear Talk-Summer Junction [Port Sunlight EP]
Neverever-Bunker Spreckles [Shake-A-Baby EP]
Tribes-When My Day Comes [Baby LP]
Dead Farmers-Out The Door [Out The Door 7"]
Constant Mongrel-Reflex [Everything Goes Wrong 12"]
Woollen Kits-Out Of Whack [Woollen Kits LP]
Suicide Dada-Acque [Danza Meccanica Vol 2 Italian Synth Wave 1981-1987 LP]
Der Blaue Reiter-Through Glasses [Danza Meccanica Vol 2 Italian Synth Wave 1981-1987 LP]
Cough Cool-Ufo Tornado [Lately LP]

This weeks podcast here and Mixcloud here

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