Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Playlist for Monday, January 3rd 2011, ...and we're off

First show of the year and technical issues right away...no podcast unfortunately.....so on with the show.

The Jesus And Mary Chain-Cracking Up [Artrocker Magazine]
Clinic-Lion Tamer [Artrocker Magazine]
The Black Angels-Hunting at 1300 McKinley [Artrocker Magazine]
Tweak Bird-Sky Ride [Artrocker Magazine]
North Atlantic Oscillation-08 77 hours [Artrocker Magazine]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster-Under my Chin [Artrocker Magazine]
Pete And The Pirates-Winter 1 free download
Beach Fossils-Calyer [What A Pleasure LP]
Byrds of Paradise-Spring [Teenage Symphonies LP]
Chelsea Wolfe-Advice & Vices [The Grime and the Glow LP]
Iron & Wine-Biting Your Tail [Walking Far From Home single]
French Films-Dropout Jr. [Golden Sea EP]
Cleckhuddersfax-Four Principles Of Public Speaking [Spen Beck LP]
The Black Ryder-Let It Go [Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride LP]
White Noise Sound-Sunset -[WNS LP]
Mogwai-San Pedro [Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will LP]
Minks-Our Ritual [By the Hedge LP]
Shannon Wright-Violent Colors [Secret Blood LP]
Air Waves-Sweetness [Dungeon Dots LP]
Horse Feathers-Drain You [Drain You b/w Bonnet of Briars 7"]
Munch Munch-Night Corner [Double Visions LP]
Joan of Arc-Meaningful Work [Meaningful Work 7"]
Demon's Claws-Laser Beams [The Defrosting Of... LP]
Panico-Icon [Kick LP]
Plug-Day Tripper [Plug LP]
Destroyer-Savage Night At The Opera [Kaputt LP]
Banjo or Freakout-105 [105 Single]
Cloud Nothings-Should Have [Cloud Nothings LP]
The Decemberists-Calamity Song [The King Is Dead LP]
The Beets-Cold Lips [Stay Home LP]
Guided By Voices-Lethargy [Live in Daytron LP]
Vondelpark-California Analog Dream [Sauna EP]

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