Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playlist for Monday, March 22nd 2010, indie tunes galore!!

Live session from Bad Veins recorded at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of nyctaper.com

...and on with the show.

Mr. Dream-Knick Knack [No Girls Allowed ep]
Monster Movie-In The Morning [Everyone Is A Ghost LP]
Nothing People-Avoiding Needles [Soft Crash LP]
Speak & The Spells-Brianna [She's Dead ep]
Dum Dum Girls-Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout [I Will Be LP]
Dag for Dag-Animal [Boo LP]
Xiu Xiu-Chocolate Makes You Happy [Dear God, I Hate Myself LP]
Girls Names-Graveyard [Girls Names ep]
Double Dagger-Imitation Is The Most Boring From Of Flattery [Masks ep]
Standard Fare-I Know It's Hard [The Noyelle Beat LP]
Dignan Porch-Footsteps [Tendrils LP]
Eddy Current Suppression Ring-Burn [Rush To Relax LP]
Summer Cats-Christopher Wren [Songs For Tuesdays LP]
The Kabeedies-Jitterbug (Re-Edit) [Jitterbug DD]
Clipd Beaks-Blood [To Realize LP]
Happy Birthday-Eyes Music [Happy Birthday LP]
Soft Moon-Breathe The Fire [single]
The German Measles-Color Vibration [Color Vibration single]
The Proper Ornaments-Recalling [myspace]
Sourpatch-It's So Strange [Crushin' LP]
The Babies-Caroline [All Things Come To Pass single]
Woven Bones-If It Feels Alright [In And Out And Back Again LP]
Hole-Skinny Little Bitch [single]
Nirvana-Dive (Live) [Bleach: Deluxe Edition LP]

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