Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Playlist for Monday, October 26th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour...

Public holiday today, and I'm stuck in this little room talking to myself, so....on with the show..

Bunnygrunt-1000% Not Creepy [Matt Harnish & Other Delights LP]
I Concur-Able Archer [Able Archer LP]
Lou Barlow-The Right [Goodnight Unknown LP]
Mugstar-I Got The Six [Today is the Wrong Shape LP]
Bitches-Hunting [Bitches Tape]
Katsen-German Film Star [It Hertz! LP}
Daily Bread-Blabbermouth [Well, You're Not Invited LP]
Black Cab-Black Angel [Call Signs LP]
Copy Haho-Demons and gods [Too Pure Single]
Blessure Grave-Stop Breathing [Learn to Love the Rope EP]
Swanton Bombs-Sorrysayer [Tour Ep]
Black Math-Part Of Me [EP]
Wild Palms-Over...time... [Over...time... single]
Local Girls-Nick & Den Are Cunts [Weapons LP]
Mesmer-Some Disney Scene [The Ghost Of A Tennis Court LP]
Loverman-Miracle [Human Nurture LP]
Monotonix-Spit It On Your Face [Where Were You When It Happened? LP]
Banjo Or Freakout-The Week Before [Upside Down EP]
Piano Magic-The Nightmare Goes On [Ovations LP]
A Grave With No Name-And We Parted Ways at Mt.Jade [A Grave With No Name 7" EP]
Royal Bangs-1993 [Let It Beep LP]
The Fauns-Road Meets The Sky [The Fauns LP]
The Soft Pack-Answer to Yourself [single]
Former Ghosts-Mother [Fleurs LP]
The Raveonettes-Suicide [In And Out Of Control LP]
Eternal Summers-In The Beginning [Eternal Summers EP]
Lunar Youth-Misfits [single]
Spiral Stairs-True Love [The Real Feel LP]
ZAZA-Arms Length [Cameo EP]

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Moorea Seal said...

Ah sooo much good music!!! let me know when you are going to be playing our band (the mopes) and I'll promote it on my blog! thanks again!