Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playlist for Monday, November 24th indie tunes galore!

Live session this week from John and Jehn at the London Calling Festival

...and on with the tunes

Bubblegum Lemonade-A Billion Heartbeats [Doubleplusgood LP]
Burningpilot-International Poster Campaign [Cold Caller LP]
Dead Pixels-Words Are Poison [Words Are Poison single]
Dirty Fingernails-That Kick [Greetings From Finsbury Park, N4 LP]
Lonelady-Early The Haste Comes [Early The Haste Comes/Joy single]
Disconcerts-Window Shopper [Myspace]
Official Secrets Act-So Tomorrow [So Tomorrow single]
Mika Miko-Sex Jazz [Sex Jazz single]
The Interiors-She's In Japan [Delays Are Dangerous LP]
The Pan I Am-Young God/Bad Thing [Web download]
True Widow-Duelist [True Widow LP]
Selfish Cunt-Chelsea [English Chamber Music LP]
Piano Magic-Vacancies [Dark Horses EP]
The Upsidedown-Halo [Human Destination LP]
The Drips-Downtown Brown [The Drips LP]
Threatmantics-High Waister [Upbeat Love LP]
The Starlets-White Noise [Out Into The Days From Here LP]
Woodpigeon-Piano Pieces For Adult Beginners [Treasury Library Canada LP]


shea said...

yeah! that mika miko 7" rocks. good to see yr onto blank dogs too!

.:TRUE WIDOW:. said...

thanks for including us on this playlist! lots of good songs and a few new bands for me as well. hope you enjoy the album! take care, slim .:TW:.